Frequently asked questions

What´s the lead time of Canvas paintings?
All orders placed before 3pm will be printed and dispatched within 48 hours. Most orders will be delivered within 3-5 days.
Is it possible to use multiple delivery addresses for a single order?
No. Every single order will be sent to a single delivery address. For multiple delivery addresses, place multiple orders.
What´s the shipping cost?
Shipping cost is calculated based on size and weight. Standard shipping cost is £7.90. Maximum charge is £39.90 no matter total size and weight.
Which courier do you use?
We send all orders with PostNord/DPD. 
What file format should I use?
JPG, the most common file format for images. Since all images will be handled automatically by our servers, we do not accept Tiff-files due to the large size. Save all files as JPG before uploading.
What quality and resolution is recommended?

Upload all your images with highest possible resolution. Our system will calculate and recommend maximum print size.

We can print any resolution between 1200 and 72 dpi. Minimum recommended dpi is 150. General recommended dpi is 300. Lower resolution will affect print quality.

What colour profile should I use?

We print all colour images in RGB colour mode but you can upload files with any profile. We automatically convert all images if necessary. Black/white images should be saved and uploaded in grayscale.

Recommended profiles (for experts):

Adobe RGB (RGB) or PSO Coated V3 (CMYK)

How does the Special Effects work?
After you have uploaded an image, you can start playing with our special effects. The addition of special effects is simple. Next to your uploaded image there is a menu with all our special effects. We have various effects such as, photo retouching, Andy Warhol painting, photo sketch, comedy, etc. You choose how many effects you want to add to your image. You can always go back in your history if you change your mind.
What about colour settings?

Basically we print what you send. Keep in mind that what you see on the screen may differ from the actual print result. Accurate colour reproduction requires a poperly calibrated monitor and files converted to the correct colour profile.

Colour settings (for experts):

Recommended black (K) colour value: C:0, M:0, Y:0, K:100. 

For how long is my gift card valid?
All gift cards are valid 12 months.
How do I check gift card balance?
Visit the "Gift card" section on the website found in the header or footer. Type your gift card-ID.
My parcel is damaged! What do I do?

All delivey damages caused by the courier must be reported to the courier directly. Do not collect or accept damaged goods on delivery. Make sure to check the parcel before signing.

My painting is damaged! What do I do?

All damages must be documented. Take a picture and fill in the complaints form.

 We reply within 24-48 hours.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel the order within 14 days and get a full refund.

Exceptions: If you upload an image of your own, you can´t cancel an order once it´s been printed and sent out due to the uniqe design.

How do I make a return?
Fill in the form on the website found here. We will then send you a return lable. You pay for any return unless other agreed.
Is it safe to place an order with CanvasPicasso?
Yes of course. All data and personal details are kept safe on our servers. We DO NOT share any information with third parties.
How do I contact customer service?
Use the contact form on the website or send us an email to We reply within 24 hours.
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